Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's too bad:P

Today is my last class. At first, me and Sheila decided to went back by bus after clss. While waiting for Len Seng bus ehehe, we had a chit chat wit same course frens and had a tea break at "anay" store.

As i chit chat suddenly there's one word i used it wrongly...i was talked about my hostel wash room was full with drop hair and nobody volunteer to clean it so whoever couldn't stand normally will wash. So i'm thinking what's the suitable word to discribe in BM. That's too bad, ashame! i said "rambut berkeliaran" i knw it's a wrong word but i'm so anxious to finish wat i wan to say. I knw la BM saya ni broken...even now while u read this also ur laughing rite?

My fren's Hashim corrected me "rambut berselerak" lah...while Sheila never stop laughed at me. All of us laughed out loud without bother people watched at us. The guys were still ok and can control themself but both of us took half an hour to stop laughing...that's too tired and caused my stomach pain.

Sheila is a "Queen of laugh". Honestly i say, i only can be a serious person whenever she's not arnd the rest of the day if she's arnd, i'm surely involve her club. Recently, even doctor Hashim:p and the rest of frens also oredi joined the club.

Hey there's still one person u need to turn her to be like u la! u knw who? "Min". I bet u haha...


  1. dush...... Rambut berkeliaran d tepi2 jalan dan sepanjang perjalanan hehehe

    laughter the best medicine

  2. it's alright...u will improve soon..

  3. hahahah. I know what you mean with that sheila ! She's a laughing machine !
    Talking about BM. Mine is just as bad I guess.
    In the college where I was the 'boss', I was chairing a meeting of all the administrative staff. I was warning them about being proud and arrogant to the public.

    Now instead of saying 'Jangan besar kepala ' , I said , ' Jangan kepala besar '.

    The thing is nobody said anything but I saw them looking at one another with the mouth distorted. I thought they were angry with me.

    So I warned one of the officers, who was also a bowling friend, not to show his temper at me.

    Then only he corrected me. BUT nobody laughed. Then I started laughing and after that the meeting room was upside down.

    After the meeting they were joking at each other about having 'kepala beasr'.

  4. hahhaha...ooooo...mengumpat sye ye...hahahha..anyway..les i know i influnce a lot of people.. i also dun know, why i like to if u feel sad or lonely just come n see me n i cheer u up...hehehe...

    sir..why u say i'm lauging machine..i know i like to laugh n seriously last time when i come 2 KL i quite stress with the environment here...majority they r very serious n kedekut dgn senyuman... hehehe.......macam muka seperti buah asam...hahahha

  5. hahaha muka spt buah asam:D ya i also realised that la. aiyo la jgnla kecik hati...lain org lain perangai ba...i'm truely feel happy with you, u knw?

    There's one time i smiled to the person at PV6 one of the commtee there but they looked me back one kind so now i dont even bother to look and smile at them anymore. See how bad am i? I know sheila tries to adapt herself...4 of us dnt care wat people would say...just be ourself and hv our own way.

    About the laughing machine? hehe that's gud enough pple called u like that la compare than "besar kepala".