Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what's your perception...

If you look at a person who wearing pink colour shirt. Okey, for female maybe it's a normal thing but how if male? What's ur perception towards the person?


  1. OK. First thing first. What made you ask this question ?

    Second, for a male to be in a pink shirt -- guess it depends on the shade of pink. If its just light pastel --its ok I guess. It just a colour and it might even be trendy !
    But if its bright pink, to me its like watching a man carrying Barbie doll !! ????

  2. hahaha...pink color...i think it's ok as long as not to bright...it also depend with the person body..em...hehehe..

  3. yup, i agree wif you sir...not a striking pink of course...juz a bright pink should b ok.
    Why i ask this qustion bcuz i feel funny at first, there's a fren of mine who wore pink color shirt.. and i started to asked him, " Thought u dnt hv pink color shirt. Why u ware in pink? no any other colour?" Know what he answered? "Hey that my company shirt, no matter what i hv to ware it cuz the rest of the colour was out of stock."
    I realized maybe i hv a bad perception toward guys who wore pink shirt b4 this...but he really thought me to become an open-minded person, anyway he's a truly normal guy person...
    Juz never ever simply visualize that person as a "soft" type of guy "Dn't judge the book buy it cover."

  4. no.. i totally disagree..i don't like to see man in pink...it was a disgrace in my eyes..but it's better than don't wear anything..huhuhu.. :)

    P/S : Maybe I'm a little Ego..I guest..

  5. for me it is depend on ur skin color... if ur skin bright... maybe suitable... but if a bit DARk... very2 lari tune laa.. hehehehe.. now days pink color already become multi sexual color.. both men n wmen can used the color.. BUt.... dpend on their skin..

    p/s i have a weird housemate, the boy was very2 weird... i dunt know... susah masuk tune.. but he like pink very2 much... he also got pink Doremon doll ahahaha... very weird n a bit STUP!d , 1st boy in my house got Doll ahahahahaha.......

  6. I still say its like a man carrying a Barbie doll.
    As to your frien lee, poor guy, having a company shirt thatn is pink !

    I bet you the boss is a woman and I bet you she doesn't like men ! Shes just punishing her male employees . I bet you shes laughing her head away secretly in her office !

  7. Last time i used to looked differently to a man in pink, but now, like wat helas had mentioned evrybdy can ware in pink...i mean juz a light pink sory not a bright pink.

    Yeah, ego person of course they dnt bother to change if they're in my fren situation. Well, as long as that's not his favourite colour. I knw colour also can reflect wat type of person they r. A man in striking/bright pink is another different story...i guess they must always mix arnd wif gurls ha?

  8. "I knw colour also can reflect wat type of person they r."

    So..Leas..if you don't mind..what is ur favourite color...

  9. My favourite color is PURPLE. I hv all purple staff collections. U?

  10. BLACK...I guest because it's look cool on me...give me confident...huhuhu..:)

    P/S : Purple isn't it..sweet color.. :)

  11. Sweet colour:)maybe. Black i used to wear during formal occasion & dinner. Anyway may i knw which one is Azhar85? Sorry...i'm not memorize the name only the nick name.