Monday, September 21, 2009

Visiting during Hari Raya

A group photo of first raya visitng...i was being informed to join 2 groups of visiting but i've to choosed either first come first sound so bad but i can't divide myself...i almost spent the whole day visiting, ate so much rendang, curry n etc....luv it BUT my advice, dnt b so greedy when u think u can eat anything cuz some may effect ur stomch n that's wat happened to me...(but for non that's a privilege) so decided to quit vistng the next day...hehe i knew the outcome after i ate the foods but na... i just ignored so that's it...faced it.

I did enjoy my holiday at my hometown. In fact, i feel like the time is so jealous with me...well hope i have the opportunity to go n do whatever i've planned durin this holiday! Have a great day to u all!