Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go bowlers...enjoy your day!

That's so wow! credits for her:D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Story of this month:)

Ghost story is part of the favourite scary movie among us. Certain countries such as U.S used to have the ghost hunter channel to investigate the hunted house or ghost territories.

Nowadays, high-technology camera would able to snap a photo of ghost figure but how if you yourself able to look with your own eyes? Would you be happy or scare? As a human, no doubt for you to have a fear thought and feeling but if you gifted to see the spirit moving around, you have to be brave in mentally, spiritually, and physically.

I never believe that my ancestors gifted in seeing and hearing would impart it hitherto. I always thought that my imagination was too much until one time I reveled what I’ve seen to the other friends of mine who also gifted to see and suddenly shocked me with the same answered of what I’ve seen in the vision. Frankly to say, it was horrible and scary feeling, for those who think it’s interesting…don’t ever dream of it. How would you feel if ghostly woman with brambly-hedge hair and crater eyes stared at you? Or black dress witch stared with hatred in your vision or dream? (Either you are the most wanted or you are being chosen to expel it before it happen and there’s always a way to fight it back.) It may sound easier but exactly it was really hard to overcome…..there are thousands, million types of spirit and that’s the familiar among all. There is more reality ghost story but I only shared to certain friends who interested to know otherwise they couldn’t have peace in mind especially at night.

Yesterday, I took a nap in the evening after came back from morning service. I dream something I didn’t expect but I managed to wake up at 7.15pm to stop the dream and I made a cup of coffee after struggled in my dream and I took 2 hours to replace back my sleep. Have you ever watch a movie which tells a story not to fall asleep? The calling? Exorcist? (Based on true story) These are the three pictures in mind you can get from the story. Some people even thought and asked either I could see what will happen next, it comes naturally…some may takes time but some comes on the spot. I’m not a palmist so don’t be afraid.

Ghost story will never be the favourite movie especially for those who easily driven by their naturally gift. Baby and dog is two effective detector of a ‘dirty place’. I’m not exaggerating what I say but based on past or present experienced I would like to share what I know. If any of you have scary story experienced? Do share, I would like to know for own research.