Friday, May 8, 2009

I can't stop myself...

Huhuhu...i can't stop myself from buying nothing...i dn't wana be a shopaholic. Sometimes i say to myself i just wana window shopping BUT i did bought somes stuff though it's not that necessary. Try to save money in fact, i'd spent it. Sometimes i accompany my friends to shop but i just can't stand to see that blink2 price.(I guess i've to lock myself inside the room then) Every weekends doing the same activities. Ghoss....!

Yesterday was worse, i've touched one blouse almost went to counter and pay. Suddenly, i reminded myself "do i need this?" it's not that necessay anyway i just like that blouse and wana hv different colour collection. At last, i successfully put it back. Hmm....only bought some accessories.
I think sir also realised that four of us(L.S.M.I)are crazy shoppers.


  1. I know --the famous four. You all are not shopperholics but shopping maniacs !

    But that's good that you didn't buy the blouse Lee. Even though you were already at the counter, you fought it and returned the blouse. Wish I was there to see you. That is good control . you remembered and fought the temptation to buy it. BUT YOU BOUGHT THE ACCESSORIES !!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Hey , in our next class, lets all take a trip to KLCC for a walk. heheheheeh !
    Tell sheila to leave her atm card at home. And I don't mind holding your wallet so that you won't get to your money !!! hahahaah

  2. girls i guest...can't help it...huhuhu :)

    P/S: Who is the lucky guy that will be your spouse..just kidding..huhuhu :)

  3. i saw u last nite... after come from office at 10.30 o clock... gosh u shopping that time. i saw aplastic bag,, sure u dunt buy it???? haha

  4. hahahaha...if what helas saw is true, thats a lot of acessories to replace a blouse lee !

    never mind... shop till you drop ! girls will be girls......Its not your fault. Its all these shops and shopping centre !!! naughty naughty !

  5. Sigh this reminds me about my post i wrote a week ago :(
    i can feel ur pain girl, i can feel it

  6. That plastic bag? hmmm nothing much inside just some accessories and magazine;P normally i won't be like that at my home town cuz there's always people surrounded and reminded me like "Not to buy that! never buy this!:(

    Last week me and my fren went to KLCC entered Kinokunya book shop...blink2 price too but just accompanied her, after that we had mother's day topic to chit chat while drinking ice coffee and donut. So much things to express whenver you're away from the person u miss so much.

    Hmm...bout able to fought my feeling that's just my first step. I'll try to change before turn to critical prob.

    For guys...i knw u'll feel regret to hv a partner like that but u knw normally ladies more concern to buy/shop a present for them to show appreciation but they seems like not appreciate and some more asking why should spend for all that:(

    That's why i able to shop a lot cuz i'm went with frends who have a same mind and interest but no worries i'm gona change that and back to normal.