Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still thinking...

I'm still thinking either to join the camp or not...hmm... i'm in double minded now.
I like adventure actv...part of my hobby. Though i knw i'm gonna be alone from batch 15(if i go)
Hopefully i can go:) have to consider with certain reason first. But i eagerly wanna go...ok let see how it goin 2 be.


  1. go go go.. common laaaa....the Biggest regret ever if u miss this camp... only once u can follow this camp during study in KLMU... trust me.... heheheh

  2. My dear leas---you're not alone. Once there we forget about ccss,ccns,cbds,cdds, batch #, class#. All these stop existing on 18th morning ! Believe me ! YOU ARE NOT ALONE !
    We are ONE ! To have fun and relax . We all deserve it !

  3. Will this posting from a blogger help ?

    "Wednesday, April 8, 2009
    Decision have been made - Wood Camp

    This morning, Mr. Mus had asked me to accompanied him to Wood Camp. I thought it's a great idea coz for me, i can made my decision whether to join the Wood Camp or not after see the place.

    We depart from the college at 10.50 a.m. Along the journey, we talked a lot of thing. One thing we shared in common is our passion / interest on F1 and cars ( fast cars almost). forward, we arrived at Wood Camp 11.30 a.m. While Mr. Mus settled the payment at the office, i just wandering around the camp and took some photo there. Just wanna promoted and make others jealous...hehehehehe

    So, i made up my mind....I'm going to the Wood Camp....yehaaaa
    Cannot wait to go there....All i can say, it's worth ur money laaa.....

    So apa tunggu lagi... jom la join.....
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  4. Finally...i've made my decision, i'm not YES I'M GOING.
    Thanks all...u people really convince me;)

  5. Yeah my favorite ftball team LIVERPOOL "You never walk alone":)

  6. Hey ! Thats the best thing to happen---when you popped in my place and say, "I'm going !"

    So glad you're joining us !

    YES! Liverpool and Hull ---go go go !
    My favourites too !

  7. les, iboh lupak ku k....mandi untuk ku kkkkkkkkkk..........