Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 reasons why i think klmu is funny

here i lay down my reasons why i think klmu is a funny university.
1) they close the library during lunch hour.
2) the admin staff dont allow us to bother them during lunch hour. well when else do they think we are free?
3) the internet is always down.
4) king of virussess
5) some of the pcs even get the mouse stolen.
6) small and compact sardine-like lift (especially sheila always cant get in)
7) the door-lift close very quickly.
8) the pak-guard love to chase us out and lock the door even it is not 5 pm yet.
9) they cancel the friday class just to have a bowling tournament. like they cant do it on saturday. oops
10) funny customer service.. (those who attended english class with mr mus will know this)

thanks for reading my entry....

p/s - critics are meant to be improved rite?


  1. hahahaha.... true indeed....hahahahha.....lee i know!!!!!!!heheheh!!!!!i still have a lot to say about why KLMU id funny...later i will add some more ok...hehehehe........

  2. here more...
    -> Funny college Transport
    -> old school public transport that always broke down...
    -> Funny time table.. Always change
    -> Put all steel v shape beside walk side
    -> Funny mak cik cleaner hahha sometimes bad moood sometimes good mood
    -> and so on

  3. Yeah i know how it feel frenz...but we just ignore the situation, in fact we try to feel comfortable with it and always get ready with the uncertain promises. If we list it down must be almost 30 reasons or maybe more.

    Hmm...gonna packing for the camp 2mrw...time to release tension/relaxing and enjoy the nature view...hehe i feel so funny cuz me and my frend went to practise swimming at swimmingpool today:D

  4. hahaha... not just u frnd... look at me... ahahahah lucky i tahan sampai OJT.. hahahahaha..... so have a nice journey at Cosmopoint ahahahahah

  5. Ha! Agreed absolutely with all your observation. But I would like to comment on the Bowling Tournament ! It was organized by me under the banner of 'sunnysideup production' just as the other activities that we have done . The bojective is to provide activities for students !

    On discussion with the manager, it was decided that it should be a Department Activity Day. The first time ever. Friday was chosen for the tournament because it would be cheaper for the students to participate. In fact it was 33.33% cheaper than to have it on a Saturday..

    When I organized the tournament, I gave a thought to the first tournament organized by the CBDS in 2008 which was held on a Saturday and I compared the cost and the type of prizes that was offered last time.I wanted to improve on that.

    Although the students are paying the same entrance fees, they get to play an extra game and generous cash prizes were offered to the winners. It was also emphasised that lecturers are not allowed to claim any cash prizes. Cash prizes of slightly more than RM400 were offered.

    The management had weighed the pros and cons of the decision before implementing it.

    Even IPTAs and other institution of higher learning have had activities, inter-varsities, carnivals, faculties open-day and so on on a week-day.
    But it is your prerogative to mention it here and since you did, I thought its only fair that you hear from the organizer's side.

  6. ehhhhh that event??? i involve also under sunnysideup productions.... huh...... i thought is was during my OJT... huhhuh...

  7. Oic...sori for a long explaination sir. Cuz i wondered at that fri we supposed to hv our class and suddenly cancelled at the last mint. Juz imagine 3 subjects within 1 and half month...
    and this sem we hv 9 sub all i knw the most is 7 sub...hmmm though we oredi discussed/negotiated to tranfered cred which certain sub we've oreadi taken and transfrd some sub but still they hv to pack the timetable wit reason short sem and need to speed-up within 2 years...oh man...we gona become a book worm now.
    Fuhh...(juz calm and study smart then.
    Hopefully don't blame our batch CBDS not involve actively in prog or actv cus we're damn busy.

    Argh...i juz wana confess all my confession.