Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holiday!

The moment i arrived the kch was such a heavy rain. The flight was delayed about half an hour and i'm sure my mate's flight delayed too. That sat, i reached home about 4.30pm and i only took few hours to relax and jeng! jeng! jeng! another caroling session at 7.30pm. My choir group with the year end usual printed out the schedule for home and function carolling. Although i missed out more of their activities but i never thought still have more coming up. That nite, we went to BDC,Tabuan, Batu Kawa and was a tiring day and finally we able to finish at 12pm midnte on the dot...(Silent night):)

Yesterday, i went out to shop after the service...hmmm i know my mate did the same thing too:p After for a long hour i decided to went back quite early to have a good rest and will continue the walking session at the other day time. As the time goes by, i immediately checked my problem 'streamyx' line again...if i still got the same problem then will going to report to the i tried there's slightly problem occurred and it's really frustrated me again. The bad day was saved by the program that night, so prepared to have another round of carolling.

Today, i tried the line again...and surprisingly the line was access so quickly...yay!:D
Tonite at 7.30pm will be the Christmas ginger bread house launching at the Holiday Inn so do come my kuching friends...see you there.

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  1. hey --- happy carolling ! Don't forget---should you need a manager to organize your programme and appointments .... sunnysideup at your service..heheh
    I don't think it was quite a silent night---hey gathering of old friends can be anything but silent.

    Well ---hmmm.....strange how you knew that your mate was also shopping ha !