Sunday, May 17, 2009

I feel more better.

This morning, i sang out loud during church service with my choir members. i feel released:)

For those of you who gave so much advices to me...From the bottom of my heart i would like to express my appreciation special to the lecturers who's spent their time replied a bunch of crap nutty things i've had. I mean...ya it was nothing why have to worry so much bout them...hmmm that's what we call human we choose to be concern to each other not i right? Thanks for corrected me. I'm so touched:-]and not to forget my dearest friends, thx all. PEACE!


  1. I am so glad you r feeling much better now :)
    God bless

  2. bagus lah tu...tadik suara kau memang power...heheheh, nasib ku sik duduk depan mun sik mesti kau sik dapat nyanyi nak...hehehhe

  3. mun madah sawak.. sik paham laaa

    agi idup agi ngelapan

  4. peace baby...happy to hear ur back to your old self....cheers :)

  5. You see, ---There IS life after a depression .
    Welcome back to Earth and with all its crappy stuffs - its still a good life. Look for it !

  6. hai life so far..mesti u miss me right now...hehheee.....take care k...