Friday, May 15, 2009


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever the same". What is a "best friend"? Almost everyone has one, and almost everyone is one.

There's something about a best friend that cannot be duplicated. Everyone has their own definition of what their own best friend is like and what an impact he or she has made in their life.

She knows all my expressions and how I sound when I'm hyper, frustrated, depressed, annoyed, or happy. She's my understanding friend rite now.

I was so surprised that day when she also in depressed with her own personal conflict at the same day and same time, no wonder she avoided to speak with me and hided some stupid thing she had done to herself. I couldn't imagine she tried to hurt herself with a heated fork. I couldn't adviced her at that moment and i felt so sorry for her...all we could do was to scream as loud as we can from the condo.


  1. u know, once i was having a very bad time and someone told me a story, let me share the same story with u.

    Once this guy asked a maths professor "you r teaching maths from 30 years, who was ur best student?" and the professor told him a name without hesitation. This guy was so impressed that this student must have been brilliant, bcos there must have been hundreds of students. so he asked again, "What that student is doing now?" and the professor replied "he works at gas station (petrol station)" .... the got confused, some one brilliant in maths working for gas station? .... obviously he was thinking this student must be working as engineer or scientist somewhere like NASA or some other best place. The professor explained, and told him that he got few bad grades and couldnt handle it and he left the college, he never graduated.

    The point is, sometimes it doesnt matter how good u r, either intelligent or a nice person, the important thing is to survive, just hang in there and u ll be out of this darkness, i promise u that :)

    Zig Ziglar once said, no one can hurt u unless u allow them to, so dont let them. I often tell my students that these friends u have now, u ll hardly know 1-2 of them after 5 years, i m not saying dont be friends, i m saying to keep balance and understand who is more important, which is u and ur family.

    Remember, there is only 1 best friend u have, and that is u, only u ll always be with u when u r in hard times, or good time, only u can help urself. like someone said, if u ever need a helping hand, u ll find it at the end of ur arm :)

    I hope whatever it is, u r stronger than this :)

    God bless and good luck, there are alot of opportunities and good things in life waiting for u to explore them :)

    PS: I m apologize for unasked long reply, hope u dont mind.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I read your posting over and over again. Allow me to express some words and i apologise in advance if I might have overstepped the limit.

    The way I see it, you could not pin-point which is bothering you most. But from what I gather, its more about you being different from the others.

    DON'T APOLOGISE FOR BEING DIFFERENT LEE ! Its your rights to be so. You are what you are. Friends, good friends are hard to come by , but you can cast them aside if they turned out to be bad for you. But families may be a bit more difficult. Good, bad or ugly, its a package.

    I know it is easier said than to do, have your disagreement but also give your understanding (as i'm sure you have been doing).

    But most of all--love yourself. Do not be afraid to be alone -if you have to. Ultimately, whatever you do , it must be with you in mind as the priority.

    Everybody has comething to cover and disguise with their laughter. And you are no different. Don't feel lesser than them , don't feel you are inadequate. We are all like that. We hide behind our smiles and laughter. You are not lesser than everyone.

    If those around you could take you for what you are , they are worthy friends. If they can't, then you don't own them, or anyone a living. Live your life - within your own terms.

    I guess all i'm saying is that you must not be afraid , nor feel inferior to be you ! But you'd have to be brave . You have set out on a journey, finish it and reap the rewards !

    Again, i apologise if i'm talking about the wrong things . Take care, and again be brave !

  3. On the same note as Sunny's, i remembered what Zig Ziglar said once, something like, since there beginning of this universe, there is no one (not a single person) like u, and there never will be till the end of this universe, u r unique in the entire universe. see how special u r? how important and unique u r, so respect yourself :)

  4. Truly, these are some of the million challenges that be required to face if we live in a society. Each and every person living within that society possesses different perception that will then craft the difference in interpretation. This is indeed… making up our life…

    In our life, we will face thousands or maybe millions of perceptions and interpretations from every person, at all time and anywhere we be in this world. All these perceptions and interpretations will make us ‘full-blown’ and more certain in breasting our future days. Without perception and interpretation from others, we are similar with that of the robotic apparatus, without feeling and cheerfulness.

    This is indeed, something very common in student life that always close to each other. Trust me, when you entirely complete your study, you will appreciate this experience so much, the sweatiest memory of life – the student life.

    Carry on you struggle… all the way. Our teen time is too short to be saddened.

  5. who dare to hurt you dear..let me jab his/her faces...hahaha... :)

    P/S : It's normal to be's show us that we still a human being with emotion...cheers dear... :)

  6. conflict in family, conflict with friends.. waaa.... quite tough la u prob.. emmm i cannot explain more like all the above.. maybe if we can have a chit chat.. then it would be more easy to understand to share..

  7. les....ku faham....ku tauk kau sik pernah kena benda tok...kecian kakak ku...sabar n sembahyang is the best way u know...ku pun dah kena s0 iknow how ur me... memang sakit mun kena benda mcm ya...kau tauk crita ku no need for me to explain take care of urself n look for me if u need someone to talk to k... i will always be there..bila benda ya jadi dgn kau..ku teringat kisah ku really hurt like hell...deep in my heart ku pun nangis juak...benci mun ingat benda macam ya... tp bila dah kena ia experience kan so that kita lebih hati2 kelak... mun kau sa mauk kelakar n need someone dgn kau nangis cari jak ku k..kelak kita nangis sama2 k...

  8. good to hear you're ok/ Like I said. let it pass (whatecer it is) as life's bitter experience. This is only one of many hurdles. You hve a good friend with you, just be prepared with the laugh machine beside you.... ok sheila know what to do...

  9. Khas tuk Sheila,
    Bukan ku sik pernah kenak...dari dulu gik kwn pernah dendam ngan ku...maka sik la ku ganggu hidup gik sik puas hati nya suka nangga ku kecewa kot...da la kawan rapat gik slalu polah hal. Kisah ku dolok masa sekolah Cina pun sama jua, suka tikam org dari belakang, so ku sorang ja la p cne2. masa ya ku sik kisah tapi pabila balit umah ku sedih balit kenangkn nya polah ku kdak masih sabar ja, sampe beberapa bulan kemudian ko tau pa? tiba2 kwn ku p agak ku and klakar ngan ku. surprise gila aku dipolah nya. nanya ku "kenak sik ngan siaw hui, kenak mau ngan aku?" cdak sik mau padah so ku pun malas mau klakar gik nanya. I pray every nite bout her, and what happened? all her friend went to search and be fren with me ya ku caya satu hari lak cdak akan terbuka.