Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheers for today.

This mornin, after i'm back from some places....i decided to relax at my room.
My roomate approached me and said "hey, come we go to cyber today."
I replied her back "ok, but give me a break first." As i settled my stuff...
suddenly she came and gave me a pack of bread. I waited, trying to gauge her thaughts and asked " me this?" She replied "Did u say give me a breakfast juz now?"
I laughed out loud without replied her back...she's wondered...i tried my best to stop laughed and correct the words of "breakfast" to "break first". She'd got what i mean...and both of us laughed as we looked at each other.


  1. yai...... hahahahah is that sheila medam?? hahah

  2. nope...she's an indian lady...sheila different block.