Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Salad Tang Hun Mee.

Easy to make....try it urself. It's my first time tasted this home cook, special and healthy food. I know it looks mess up but this is just one of the example, it's my lunch anyway. It will look more nicer at a proper serving plate. recipe again. If you have left over take away KFC or McD chicken, i suggest you to mix it with purple cabbage, carrot, tomato, chili, cucumber and tang hun mee. Nyum2...


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  2. I deleted the first comment coz I forgot something ! What is Tang Hun ?
    Hey chef ! I'm waiting for another 'picnic' lah !

  3. Na..jus a specific name of the mee.

  4. Dear Leas,
    SSU passed on your presents yesterday (7 June). Thank you very much. I love the 'Borneo ethnic' design. In fact in 1984 we bought a hand-woven piece with almost the same colour and the same pattern as the one you gave us.
    The darker piece is also very attractive.
    So, thank you once again and hope you won't get too homesick

  5. Hi ASH,

    U r welcome. Yah, famous trademark in Sarawak. You've been there in 1984? Hehe and here i am born year 84 with same collection gift for you. No more homesick:)will be back end of this June, 22nd.
    I also would like to thank you for allowing us to spend our 2 days 1 night holiday at your house during CNY, we did cooking and eating activities, it was fun and enjoyable, thanks again for the hospitality.
    Last but not least, send my regard to the chubby big black cat, comot and the other one(not quite sure);)