Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This morning me and la went to cyber...kept myself warm with the red sweater because of the chill morning. I could imagined her reaction when she got a phone call from me...she never thought that i'm still awake during that time...so hang out and online for a while, that's what i used to do when i'm prone to emotional distress. Again! i felt like this after for so long i've recovered. I talked to someone special at my hometown for yesterday was such a bad day...i definitely will ignore if i doesn't feel want to concern to the situation but since that we hv been together all this while it's not a proper way just to dumb and let go whenever in trouble...that's what people tend to do when time in need and happy then looking for us. Why have this crap things happened? All i can say either words or deeds...that's just part of the challenge in life...and be patient is the best way though hard to practice in certain time but nevertheless it did help even for a minute.


  1. hey...i really really really hope you have recovered ya. ..

  2. what a day for both of us...huhuhuhu

  3. hey ! Thanks ! Thats all I can say here !