Friday, August 7, 2009

Probably i need a hand massage;)


A go to massage centre
B go to gym
C swimming
D playing sport
E dancing
F Sleeping
G playing music instrument


  1. may I suggest bowling ? You see , you are probably using muscles you never knew you have and bowling does that to you - especially when keeping the thumb at '12 o' clock' and concentrating on keeping the arms aligned to the third right arrow. ...heheheeh

    believe me -that has always worked with me !

  2. Oh did i tell u i am qualified hand massager? and a danm good one? :p

  3. jony---dun tell us what you do with your hand---its supposed to be private ! heheheh

  4. what a gud suggestion sir;)yah! i keep in mind bout ur instruction...i know it work and will improve a lot nxt time. Kesian my little tumb ehek...

    Never mind i can massage it myself Mr. Jony;P u see sir?..this fellow suggest something that's not included in my suggestion...hmmm.