Monday, August 10, 2009

My lovely sis.

I'm so happy i met with my sis today...after chit chat for so long...she was hmmm only my fren who accompanied me would know what had happened...huahaha...after had a great time while ate ice-cream suddenly i felt so sad...shake hand, huged with her and at the same time i received some messages, i'm stabled my way but deep down ghoss...i wana go home:( why this feeling come back again...fuhhh take a deep breath...i have to focus.


  1. Its funny that you should be writing about your sis. I just posted something about mine and my brother-in-law.

    Don't feel bad about missing home --thats only natural. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. In a way , separation is good because both parties will learn to appreciate each other more.

    Pain there will be--especially this is your first separation from your family. Believe me, all this will make your next trip home a joy you have never experienced before ! And when you come back here again, it will not be as bad as the first time now.

    As you mentioned just now --focus. And look forward to your Christmas home-coming !

  2. Thanks...for nice words u've commented sir:)...i try to be more tough in handling everything, i've experienced certain time where i tried to be a diff me...i mean maybe less concern that would be gud i guess...*bad tought*
    Don't worry bout me...but i always inform my frens to remind me once i come back if i totally diff i asked them not hesitate to tell me...
    Maybe i should just ignore what's the unnecessary things in mind. Ghoss..:(
    U's not that i eager so much to come back...i mean i can control myself but there's other prob that's suddenly BANG me...but no need for me to mention here...all this are just my expression way to release or ease the pain...arghh...

  3. ok---just be cool, calm and collected ya !

  4. yeah...i try huhu...ok i will! u know wat sometimes pple are so unfair...ask us to b gud but they doin the opposite side. Ahhhh...i'm off. Ok i'm ok just a small matter.

  5. ha ! Its a case of " Do what you're told - not do what I do ! "