Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today is our first class.

Hmm...we had a great Eng class with our new lecturer today. She's a cheerful lecturer, with enthusiastic character and also funny...the last sem "Eng lecturer";) also as WOW as her...we will always appreciate our lecturers no matter how good or bad they treat us as long as both parties know the responsibilities.

I really disagree what had happened to my last sem eng lecturer. He deserved the best and this is my special compliment to him. Only robot people have that kind of attitude. Don't know how to appreciate...i really hate people wear MASK. At first they confess after get what they want and then turn to be evil.

Just accept the mistakes and learn from the lesson...well human are not perfect and we must ready to change.


  1. emm
    i bet i know who!!
    she's really good..
    i love the way she is!!

  2. Thank you for your support my dear lee. I know and I believe that what goes around WILL come around,
    We are all born with a conscience but if we chose to be blind to it, God will take it away. He will take away every blessings that He had given.

    Once again, thank you for making my day, thank you for being the first who is pepared to stand and state youe suppor for me.

    ps. See ? I told you she's good , right ?

  3. I always agree with whatever u have to say .... dont i? *blush*

    haha .... j/k
    have fun in ur new sem :p

  4. 'thank you for being the first who is pepared to stand and state youe suppor for me."

    I would add that you are the first to show your support in your posting. There are also many others who have shown their support through their comments in my blog.

    Thank you all. Trurh will always prevail.

  5. You hate clown then..or maskot..they wear mask too..huhuhu :)

  6. Yes tat's a gud guess alex:)

    Mr Mus
    You're most welcome:)
    I only support the person i think i know them by myself and not by hearing from the others.

    Mr Atif
    Hehe i try to enjoy my sub for this sem...there's a lot of projects compare than last sem but like what sir Mus said keep smiling. That's what i did to focus my mood.

    Frankly, i hate clown, mascot, the reality function with mask...even Santa clause or Halloween day.

  7. Leas..

    That....great..huhuhu :)