Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Musical Presentation

Though busy with final exam...hmm...luckily the choir leader excuse me for some of the rehearsal. The occasion went very well on that day 27th & 28th :)


  1. I remember you telling me about your choir practice on the eve of your occassion but didn't wantto take your time asking you about it.
    What was the occassion ? Was it anything like 'The Sound of Music '?
    Or were you Mary Poppin ?

  2. okay pics r there, now where is the video where we can see and hear u singing in choir :D

  3. Hi all...i'm back again;D

    Sir Mus:
    'The Sound of Music' i really luv that story. Watched it many times...Yeah i changed myself from charlie's angels to Mary Poppin that night;)It's the choir combine from other churches special for the Anniversary day.
    And sir before i forget, if u need our help for that coming activ just send us the text...i'll ask from my trusted CBDS friends to help too.

    Sir Atif:
    About the video, i will ask and keep it for the memorable moment. Hehe...no need to hear i'm singing lah. Definitely i can't sing if sir is there ehek.

    Long time no see me? miss me ha;P This is still me, myself and i. I seldom update my blog now...but i'll keep in touch with all through blog.

  4. Emm..I thougt i see u in the lec office..when i came to find mr.Atiff..is that you?..i think yesterday...if not.. sorry..just guess..huhuhu..:)